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Swagelok Atlantic Canada

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Tubing and Tube Accessories


Swagelok provides dependable tubing and accessories for virtually any industry or application. Our tubing meets or exceeds industry standards in a wide range of sizes, forms, and alloys. Insulated tubing maintains stable temperatures, while jacketed tubing provides protection from harsh elements. Trace tubing helps maintain consistency in sampling applications. 

Our tube cutting and preparation tools help you cut, bend, or deburr tubing for repeatable results and leak-tight performance. Our tubing supports and clamps support your tubing at intervals to prevent sagging and possible failures.

View and purchase our most widely used products.

Take a look at our Swagelok Tool Case for a solution which keeps all of your hand tools in one, secure place.

Quality First

Although purchasing tubing to ASTM or equivalent specifications is a start towards tubing quality, it is only that--a start.

The mere use of ASTM specifications does not truly mean you have a piece of quality tubing suitable for use with tube fitting connections or fluid systems in general. Tubing quality depends on the integrity and quality-consciousness of the tubing supplier. This is where Swagelok Company excels. Watch the video below detailing our commitment to quality.