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Swagelok Atlantic Canada

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Swage Talks Blog

A local blog from the subject matter experts at Swagelok Central Ontario | Atlantic Canada to help you with your applications.

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Swagelok Field Engineer

Welcome to Swage Talks!

Swagelok Central Ontario | Atlantic Canada's first post outlines the blog's purpose and what's on the horizon for Swage Talks.

Field Engineer Andrew Wright

Spotlight on Andrew Wright

Regional Field Engineer Andrew Wright discusses his role, background, and how he can help you with your fluid system challenges.

Mechanical Solutions Engineer Phil Daniels

Spotlight on Phil Daniels

Mechanical Solutions Engineer Phil Daniels discusses how he uses technical insight and challenges assumptions to help customers solve their most pressing application issues.

Seal Support System Blog Post 1

Introduction to Seal Support Systems

Seal Support Systems help to ensure peak performance of mechanical seals in process pumps. It is essential to have reliable, long lasting mechanical seals for many critical industrial process operations. This blog post introduces you to this important topic.

Regional Field Engineer Fasi Khaja

Spotlight on Fasi Khaja

Regional Field Engineer Fasi Khaja discusses his background and experience working with a global network of subject matter experts.

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