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Swagelok Atlantic Canada

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Swage Talks Blog

A local blog from the subject matter experts at Swagelok Central Ontario | Atlantic Canada to help you with your applications.

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Ottawa Training Class

Empowering Engineers and Operators through Training

Swagelok Ontario | Atlantic Canada's subject matter experts train hundreds of engineers and operators each year. Learn about the value our training can add to your organization.

Tube Bending Blog Post Teaser

Mastering Tube Bending: A Comprehensive Overview of Swagelok Solutions

Swagelok Ontario | Atlantic Canada Engineering associates Mitchel Hardy and Brandon Van Bilsen explain the advantages of tube versus pipe, the need for tube bending, and the options available to meet your needs.

Clean Energy - Hydrogen Application

Clean Energy: Swagelok Solutions for Hydrogen & LNG/CNG Applications

Mechanical Solutions Engineer Hassan El Ghoul provides valuable information on considerations and Swagelok solutions for Clean Energy Applications—Hydrogen and LNG/CNG.

Mitchel Hardy Swag Talks Spotlight

Spotlight on Mitchel Hardy

Associate Solutions Engineer Mitchel Hardy is committed to learning more about our customers' challenges and how we can help solve them, when he's not making delicious gnocchi.

Volatile organic compound notebook

Reducing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in the Petroleum Sector

Regional Field Engineer Max Jantz provides an overview of Canada's volatile organic compound (VOC) regulations and how your local fluid system experts can help with Section 13: Sampling Systems and Section 15: Centrifugal Compressors, specifically.

Multihead Swaging Unit Blog Post Teaser

The Multihead Hydraulic Swaging Unit (MHSU)

Learn how to make swaging simple for larger bore applications (over one inch) with Swagelok's Multihead Hydraulic Swaging Unit (MHSU). Braden Coombs describes the many advantages and how to get started.

Braden Coombs Swagelok Talks Blog Picture

Spotlight on Braden Coombs

Associate Solutions Engineer Braden Coombs describes how he embraces diverse challenges and continuously learns new ways to improve our customers' fluid systems.

Group shot of various regulators

Regulator Flow Curves Introduction

This introduction from local subject matter expert Rich Wubs gets you started with regulator basics and the forces which affect the flow curve.

Cleanroom Workers

Keep It Clean: Ultrahigh-Purity Manufacturing and Cleanliness Standards

Do you work with ultrahigh-purity (UHP) applications? Applications Engineer & Custom Solutions Manager Ali Ladhani helps you choose the correct components and follow the proper cleanliness standards and manufacturing processes to meet the most stringent requirements.

Swagelok Orbital Welding Systems

Choosing the Right Orbital Welding System

Engineering Manager Andrew Wright describes the advantages of orbital welding and how choosing the right welding system and training program can help you navigate skilled labour shortages and improve consistency, quality, and safety at your site.

Rich Wubs Regional Field Engineer

Spotlight on Rich Wubs

Regional Field Engineer Rich Wubs describes how his mechanical aptitude, passion for problem solving, and extensive fluid system experience help customers find solutions for their puzzles. 

Technical Support Engineer Brandon Van Bilsen

Spotlight on Brandon Van Bilsen

Technical Support Engineer Brandon Van Bilsen shares his experience and his commitment to helping customers optimize their systems and achieve their goals.

Engineering Specialist Max Jantz

Spotlight on Max Jantz

Custom Solutions Engineering Specialist & Field Engineer Max Jantz shares his customer-focused philosophy, his recent success helping clients meet their challenges, and what inspires him on a daily basis.

Combination of API Plan 72 and 76

Seal Support Systems 2: Buffer & Barrier Plans

Field Engineer Phil Daniels continues his Seal Support System blog series by showing you how API 682 Buffer and Barrier Plans ensure peak performance of mechanical seals in process pumps.

Field Engineer performing virtual onsite evaluation

Virtual Onsite Services

Field Engineer Andrew Wright describes a safer and more powerful way to evaluate fluid system issues with virtual technology.

Custom Solutions Assembly

Custom Solutions Spotlight

This spotlight introduces you to Swagelok® Custom Solutions, our local fabrication and assembly services. Let us build it for you!

Applications Engineer Ali Ladhani handles stainless steel tubing

Spotlight on Ali Ladhani

Applications Engineer & Custom Solutions Manager Ali Ladhani shares his background and hands-on experience helping customers solve their problems.

Gas Distribution Assembly with Regulator

Gas Distribution Systems: Regulators

In the first blog post of our Gas Distribution Systems series, we take a closer look at a pressure-reducing regulator to better understand it's various components and identify key factors in reliable regulator design.

Engineer Hassan El Ghoul Head Shot

Spotlight on Hassan El Ghoul

Solutions Engineer Hassan El Ghoul shares his background and passion for learning more about new markets and applications as part of the Swagelok family.

Field Engineer evaluates Grab Sampling Panel

A Quick Look at Grab Sampling

Grab sampling, also known as lab sampling or closed loop sampling, is the method of collecting a sample of process fluid typically from a pressurized system. Learn the basics and critical design considerations in this introductory blog post.

Seal Support System Blog Post 1

Introduction to Seal Support Systems

Seal Support Systems help to ensure peak performance of mechanical seals in process pumps. It is essential to have reliable, long lasting mechanical seals for many critical industrial process operations. This blog post introduces you to this important topic.

Mechanical Solutions Engineer Phil Daniels

Spotlight on Phil Daniels

Mechanical Solutions Engineer Phil Daniels discusses how he uses technical insight and challenges assumptions to help customers solve their most pressing application issues.

Field Engineer Andrew Wright

Spotlight on Andrew Wright

Regional Field Engineer Andrew Wright discusses his role, background, and how he can help you with your fluid system challenges.

Swagelok Field Engineer

Welcome to Swage Talks!

Swagelok Central Ontario | Atlantic Canada's first post outlines the blog's purpose and what's on the horizon for Swage Talks.

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We are always aiming to provide you with the most relevant content that will help you in your job. Your suggestions are most welcome!

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