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Hydrogen Solutions Webinar

Hydrogen Fueling Station
Safe, High Pressure Containment up to 15,000 psi for Gaseous Tube Trailers, Electrolyzer Systems, Compressors, Compressed Hydrogen Storage Tanks, Dispensers, Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

Swagelok Solutions throughout the
Hydrogen Value Chain

Thursday, June 17, 2021
11:00 am EST/12:00 pm AST


Webinar Overview:

The hydrogen market is moving quickly and evolving rapidly. Vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and infrastructure developers are scaling production while tackling the unique challenges inherent to hydrogen containment and transfer. Reliable refueling infrastructure is a necessity as hydrogen transportation scales up to handle an increase in demand. Stakeholders are looking to simplify installation, drive down production time, and enhance corrosion resistance.

In this 60-minute (including Q and A) Energy Talk, Andrew Wright, P.ENG, MBA, and his Swagelok engineering colleagues will discuss:

Hydrogen Solutions
High-Integrity Systems Infrastructure
Applications: Hydrogen tube trailers, Electrolyzers, Compressors, Storage cylinders, Priority panels, Pressure control devices, Dispensers

Pressure Regulators
RHPS Bulk Gas Regulators
Regulator Applications

Gas Distribution Systems
Easier access to central gas supply systems for uninterrupted supply
Swagelok's Pre-Engineered Systems

Engineering Services
Training and Education
System Evaluation and Advisory Services
Custom Design, Fabrication, and Assemblies

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Lead Presenter Andrew Wright, P.ENG., MBA
Swagelok Central Ontario | Atlantic Canada

Swagelok Engineer Andrew Wright

Andrew is a Regional Field Engineer providing expertise and support as part of Swagelok's global network of subject matter experts.

Andrew began his Swagelok career in 2009 as a Custom Solutions Manager and Applications Engineer, responsible for managing a dynamic team of draftspeople and technicians who designed and fabricated the highest quality assemblies, panels, and enclosures. Whether his clients had preliminary drawings or just the glimmer of an idea, Andrew combined his strong engineering skills and business acumen to form collaborative relationships and help produce reliable, professional, and repeatable solutions.

Today, Andrew continues his journey as a Swagelok Field Engineer committed to helping partners continuously meet safety and emission regulatory demands, increase productivity from fluid systems, reduce operating costs throughout facilities, increase overall profitability, and replace business and technical know-how from retiring employees. Andrew is always looking for the opportunity to share insight through training and education events, evaluation and advisory services, and asset management programs. As well, he proactively and continuously builds his own industry knowledge in areas such as Transportation, Hydrogen, Nuclear Power, Oil & Gas, Chemical/Petrochemical, and Refining.