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Swagelok Atlantic Canada

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Who We Are

Swagelok Atlantic Canada is committed to providing fastfocused, and flexible fluid system solutions, along with straightforward communication,responsive technical service and reliable delivery of the latest Swagelok® innovations.


Swagelok Atlantic Canada's dedicated team provides New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island with one of the world's broadest fluid system product offerings. In addition to the legendary Swagelok fittings, we also carry an extensive assortment of regulatorshosesvalves,tubingvariable area flowmeters, and much more! 

Beyond quality products, our knowledgeable associates deliver quality solutions for Nuclear, Power Generation, Chemical and Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, Alternative Fuels, and a multitude of industries. Because Swagelok Atlantic Canada is a local company, we are able to dynamically respond to the changing needs of our local market. We take the time to understand your challenges and opportunities and provide local expertise and services to help you succeed. For example, with our Custom Fabrication and Assembly service we can assemble Swagelok components and other third-party products into your assembly per your requirements to reduce planning, assembly and purchasing costs. 

Swagelok Atlantic Canada continues to build a strong reputation as a trusted and reliable project partner by providing the following:

  • Extensive product inventory
  • Hands-on product training
  • Rental tools and equipment
  • Energy management services focused on reducing energy, system maintenance, and downtime costs
  • Technical product support
  • Document management
  • Access to Swagelok Company's global supply chain, engineering resources and R&D facilities

Quality is one of our core values and we are Quality Certified under ISO 9001. Contact us to find out more about how we can support your project.


What We're Up To