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Swagelok Atlantic Canada

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Valve and Regulator Essentials Training

Valve Selection Training

Valve Essentials Training

Swagelok Atlantic Canada is dedicated to continuous learning and improvement. As such, we customize training seminars that allow you to improve safety, quality, efficiency, and productivity. These seminars teach practical skills through hands-on use of tools employed in the field, demonstrations, cut-away product samples, and illustrations.

Our 4-Hour Valve Essentials Training focuses on:

  • Valve Function
  • Valve Construction
  • Valve Actuation Methods
  • End Connection Seal Technology

"The content of the seminar was mind blowing! We received valuable information on the selection process for valves."
- Chemical Engineering Student and Valve Essentials Training Attendee

Sign up today with the Course Code: Valve Training

Regulator Essentials Training

Our 4-Hour Regulator Essentials Training focuses on:

  • Theory of Regulators
  • Basic Operation
  • Terms and Definitions
  • Features and Benefits

“Great course! Well taught and very informative.”
- Process Mechanical Engineer and Regulator Essentials Training Attendee

Sign up today with the Course Code: Regulator Training 

Read more about our training seminars in the Valve and Regulator Essentials Training Brochure.